Munchy and Jumpy

Tales of Mindfulness, Social-Emotional Learning, and Second Chances

Meet Munchy and Jumpy!

Looking for an engaging way to explore social-emotional learning? Munchy and Jumpy have tough days but they learn how to do double-days, a chance to try a day again! Learn about coping skills, mindfulness, building relationships, brains, and more! Discussion questions, movement suggestions, and additional online resources included. The two Volumes of The Munchy and Jumpy Tales are perfect for parents, teachers, or counselors who want to use read-aloud stories to teach social skills and self-regulation tools for kids. The book is also available in Spanish

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Book Testimonials

These stories have an easy flow and the kids loved them. Sometimes I forget how much kids enjoy something so simple. I really enjoyed teaching social-emotional skills with them.

Becky T.

Elementary school teacher

With my 2nd grade social skills class, this book allowed for discussion on very tough but important topics and also allowed the students to be engaged in the story.

Cody M.

School counselor

This book teaches a lot of great skills for students to use in building friendships, taking chances, enjoying the moment, and coping. Best of all it is easy to read and applicable.

Nathan S.

School counselor

Welcome to the world of Munchy and Jumpy!

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A Forgotten Birthday Party

Paws and Hands

A Thorny Day

The Mixed-Up Friends