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Our professional development forums explore different aspects of effective SEL instruction. Combining research and lessons from the field, our workshop-style forums are for educators in elementary, middle, and high schools. Certificates of completion are available.

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"I feel so grateful for all that you shared and for the loving respect for children and for their teachers I experienced in your presentation. Your work feels infused with presence and commitment.  Not a rote moment in the time we were together!"

- Attendee at Trauma-Informed Schools Part I

Upcoming SEL Forums

physical activity sel forum march

Physical Activity for Student Engagement and Regulation

Date: March 12, 2024

Schools can create a learning environment that offers many opportunities for students to be physically active throughout the school day.

This forum will go over the 5 components of a comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP), the national framework for physical education and youth physical activity.

Join us in exploring how a comprehensive approach to physical activity can increase student engagement and help students stay mentally and emotionally regulated.

sel forum educator health and wellness 2

Educator Wellness: Finish the Year with Momentum

Date: April 9, 2024

Health and wellness goes beyond individual self-care. What happens at the organizational level also affects the health of individuals and the community.

This forum will explore research-based organizational approaches to educator health and wellness as well as ways each of us can build our resilience.

Join us for strategies to help you finish this year strong and start the conversation for future system-change work!

sel forum 10 ways to celebrate and reflect on the year

10 Ways to Celebrate and Reflect on the Year

Date: May 14, 2024

Before summer break begins, it’s important to set students up for a successful transition into the next school year. 

Transition comes easier for some than others. Some students will grieve the loss of a stable environment and positive adults. Some students will need existing support firmly established and clearly explained. 

Join us in a discussion about celebrating the year’s accomplishments, ensuring students have support set up for next year, and sharing summer resources with families and students.

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Remote and Hybrid Learning Options

Our PD training works both in-person and online! We offer virtual workshops that are open to the public or we can schedule private workshops at your school.


Public Workshops

Public workshops are free to attend and take place virtually via Zoom.


Private Workshop

To schedule a private workshop for your school or district, contact us.

Our Most Popular Webinars

diversity equity and inclusion sel forum february

Empathy: The Key to Dignity and Inclusion

Empathy is a life skill that promotes prosocial behavior, increases civic engagement, and reduces prejudice. 

Learn how to create an inclusive environment where all individuals feel empowered to contribute.

sel forum restorative practices part ii

Restorative Practices: Tier 2 Support

Part 2 of this training on Restorative Practices will focus on alternatives to traditional punitive-based discipline.

Participants will gain understanding of youth brain development, effects of trauma, and why punitive discipline fails to change behaviors.

sel forum restorative practices part i 3

Restorative Practices: Tier 1 Support

Part 1 of this training is about grounding yourself in a Restorative Practices (RP) mindset.

Get an overview of RP strategies such as effective language, circles, and discipline, and gain an understanding of why RP is an important and effective way to build community, relationships, and facilitate student engagement.

sel forum trauma informed schools part ii 1

Trauma-Informed Schools: Tier 2 Support

Part 2 the Trauma Informed Schools training is a deeper dive into Trauma Informed Schools work. 

During this forum you will learn how best to engage your staff for system-wide implementation. Participants will also learn more about how to create environments and interactions with youth so that youth feel safe, stay regulated, and continue to learn.

trauma informed schools part i 2

Trauma-Informed Schools: Tier 1 Support

Part 1 of the Trauma Informed Schools training will give participants an overview of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). 

You will build a foundation in understanding the complexity of trauma, so you can begin to support youth with evidence and prevention-based tier I strategies.

sel forum coping strategies

Reduce Stress, Increase Engagement, and Decrease Negative Behaviors

Healthy youth development can be derailed by excessive or prolonged activation of stress response systems; adversely affecting learning, behavior, and health. Learn how supportive adult relationships with youth diminish negative effects of stress, and the coping skills adults can develop for their own stress response.

sel forum 10 ways community connection 1 2 2

10 Ways to Create Connection and Community

What practices are essential for creating a supportive learning community?  Learn about the pillars of community building by addressing the barriers to connection that inevitably arise and how we can respond to them. Explore how community and connection relates to authenticity and agency.

sel forum healthy goodbyes

Healthy Goodbyes and Resources for Summer

Learn about the best practices and rituals to help students end the year positively with both adults and peers. Help students feel emotionally supported as they transition out of school and in to summer.

my project 1 1

Restorative Practices

Learn about the theory behind restorative practices and get practical tools to use in the classroom. Learn community building and relationship strengthening techniques to help you productively respond to conflict.

Trauma-Informed Teaching: Part II

Part II of the Trauma-Informed Teaching Training builds on the definition of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). We take a deep dive into the needs of students who have experienced trauma, and offer specific trauma-informed teaching interventions.

Teacher helping student

Trauma-Informed Teaching: Part I

With almost half the nation’s children experiencing one or more serious traumas before the age of 18, it is more important than ever that schools use trauma-informed practices. This introductory training will introduce concepts and definitions of trauma-informed teaching. 

Children doing a yoga pose

Mindful Movement for Youth

Mindful movement increases body awareness and self-regulation for students (and grown-ups!). Come to this interactive workshop to learn mindful movement techniques you can bring to your classroom. Be ready to move! 

Empty Classroom

Executive Function: Needs & Supports

Participants will learn why students struggle with Executive Functioning. We will also engage in activities that you can implement with your students right away. Finally, we will explore instructional resources that help young learners develop skills and support their Executive Functioning strategies. 

Teenage girl with phone

Social Media & SEL

For better or worse, social media isn’t going anywhere. Instead of discouraging social media altogether, educators can encourage mindful online connections. During this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn SEL skills that teens can apply to social media use.

asian child practicing mindful meditation

The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming more and more common in schools and classrooms around the world, but why? This workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in bringing mindfulness into their classrooms, focusing on how to incorporate mindfulness in an effective, inclusive, and fun way.

self care

Self-Care For Teachers

After a traumatic year, educators are experiencing record levels of anxiety and depression as they re-enter schools around the country. We are bringing together school leaders and mental health clinicians for a discussion on how to support our own mental health. In a demanding job, self-care is a critical way to stay effective in the long run.

man using red ribbon to prevent substance use

SEL for Prevention: Substance Use

Knowledge gives you the power to protect kids from substance abuse. In this online workshop, we’ll share resources to inform and educate you so that you can advocate for kids in your community. We’ll also talk about how coping skills, good decision-making, and healthy relationships can prevent drug use in teens.

kids sel and mindfulness

The Basics: Social-Emotional Learning & Mindfulness

In this training, we cover all the basics about SEL and mindfulness: what they are, why they matter, and how they are not just one more thing teachers should do but rather are evidence based practices that will provide countless benefits to your school and students’ lives.

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