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Social and Emotional Learning Workshop Series

Virtual Professional Development Trainings 

Dance & SEL

You'll want to break out your dancing shoes for this workshop! Led by the National Dance Institute, this workshop will teach you how to incorporate dance into your elementary classroom to help students have fun, get energized, and learn to use their bodies to express themselves.

Lead by: The National Dance Institute 

Upcoming Webinar: February 23, 6 pm EST  

Trauma-Informed Teaching

With almost half the nation’s children experiencing one or more serious traumas before the age of 18, it is more important than ever that schools use trauma-informed practices. The Trauma-Informed Teaching Training introduces teachers to the prevalence of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the needs of students who have experienced trauma, and specific trauma-informed teaching interventions.

Lead by: Noah Teitelbaum

Upcoming Webinar: March 16, 6pm EST 

A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming more and more common in schools and classrooms around the world, but why? This introductory workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in bringing mindfulness into their classrooms, focusing on the basics and how to incorporate mindfulness in an effective, inclusive, and fun way.

Led by: Charlie Merrow 

Upcoming Webinar: April 20, 6 PM EST 

Ending the Year with SEL

We know that the end of the school year with all its excitement can also be challenging for students, especially those who rely on routine and the safety of school. This workshop focuses on how to end the year through an SEL lens providing teachers with activities and best practices to bring closure for students.

Lead by: Charlie Merrow 

Upcoming Webinar: May 18, 6 pm EST

How to Support Teachers' SEL Growth

Teaching is stressful, especially during a global pandemic. The past year has really tested teachers around the country and as administrators, one of our roles is to support the mental health and wellbeing of our staff. This workshop, created with a team of school leaders, will walk school administrators through realistic methods to fully support their teachers.

Led by: Noah Teitelbaum

Upcoming Webinar: June 15, 6 PM EST

Inclusive Mindfulness

There are various reasons mindfulness might not be relevant to a student. This PD will teach you how to handle topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion, and trauma-informed care in your classrooms. 

Classroom Management & SEL

Classroom management is not separate from social and emotional learning, it's a prime opportunity to model and teach important skills of self-regulation, self-awareness, communication, and more. This PD workshop will also explore what it means to manage a classroom in a trauma-informed way.

Hands-On SEL Activities

Let's roll up our sleeves! Social and emotional learning isn't just about talking. In this workshop, we'll teach you activities that you can quickly use with your own classes.

SEL Workshops

Our PD workshops explore different aspects of effective SEL instruction. Combining research and lessons from the field, our workshops are for educators in elementary and middle schools. Certificates of completion are available. Click here to view our menu of training options.

Public workshops are free to attend and take place virtually via Zoom. To schedule a private workshop for your school or district, contact us.

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Remote and Hybrid Learning Options

Our PD training works both in-person and online! We offer virtual workshops that are open to the public or we can schedule private workshops at your school.

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How I Brought Mindfulness into My Special Education Class For several years, I worked as a special education teacher with students with autism syndrome disorder. The first year was challenging to say the least. There were chairs thrown daily, bite marks, spit stains,...

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Florida SEL Standards In the past few years, Florida has set out to expand and improve social and emotional learning in the state. However, there are no standards at the state level specifically organized to help guide SEL work in the district or school. Regardless,...

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Supporting Students with the Return to School Despite the rise in Covid-19 cases, our increased understanding of how to protect children and staff is leading to more in-person learning. After months of remote learning, how can we help students come back to in-person...

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A Brief Introduction to Supporting Brain Growth of Elementary Students Did you know throughout our lives our brain grows? This is called neuroplasticity. As a developmental psychologist, the question of how the brain grows has fascinated me since before I began my...

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Teaching Children How to Say Goodbye Creating healthy goodbyes is an important learning opportunity throughout the school year. Whether it is separating from our classmates at the end of a school year, a best friend moving away, or a death in the family, every human...

Fair vs. Equal

The Band-Aid Lesson: Explaining Fair Versus Equal  A typical refrain in elementary school classrooms is, “That’s not fair!” Whether in response to sharing materials, games at recess, or how much time a teacher spends with each student, students’ attachment to fairness...

‘I Miss School’ – What Students Miss Most about the Classroom

  The COVID-19 pandemic has made both teachers and students miss the classroom environment. With all the advantages online classes provide, they just don’t have the same appeal as a physical classroom setup. While some schools are preparing to offer more space...

Self-Care for Teachers During COVID-19

You became a teacher because you want to make a difference; because you love children; because you enjoy seeing the expression on a child’s face when he or she finally understands a new concept. It is that passion that makes you a great teacher—the same passion that can also lead to burn-out.

The Power of Apologies

Mistakes – they happen. As a kindergarten teacher of 16 years, I have become a wholehearted proponent of the restorative approach to apologies. Apologizing for them can be tough for anyone. Sometimes we are our own harshest critics and can berate ourselves endlessly...