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Our professional development workshops explore different aspects of effective SEL instruction. Combining research and lessons from the field, our workshops are for educators in elementary and middle schools. Certificates of completion are available.

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Public Workshops

Public workshops are free to attend and take place virtually via Zoom.


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To schedule a private workshop for your school or district, contact us

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man using red ribbon to prevent substance use

SEL for Prevention: Substance Use

Knowledge gives you the power to protect kids from substance abuse. In this online workshop, we’ll share resources to inform and educate you so that you can advocate for kids in your community. We’ll also talk about how coping skills, good decision-making, and healthy relationships can prevent drug use in teens.

February 15, 6 PM EST

trauma informed teaching

Trauma-Informed Teaching

With almost half the nation’s children experiencing one or more serious traumas before the age of 18, it is more important than ever that schools use trauma-informed practices. The Trauma-Informed Teaching Training introduces teachers to the prevalence of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the needs of students who have experienced trauma, and specific trauma-informed teaching interventions.

March 22, 6 PM EST


managing a classroom of young students

Classroom Management I: How SEL Helps

Classroom management is not separate from social and emotional learning, it's a prime opportunity to model and teach important skills of self-regulation, self-awareness, communication, and more. This PD workshop will also explore what it means to manage a classroom in a trauma-informed way.

April 5, 6 PM EST

classroom management

Classroom Management II: Executive Functioning & SEL

Participants will learn why students struggle with Executive Functioning. We’ll also engage in activities that you can implement with your students. Finally, we’ll explore instructional resources that help young learners develop skills and support their Executive Functioning strategies.

May 17, 6 PM EST

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Remote and Hybrid Learning Options

Our PD training works both in-person and online! We offer virtual workshops that are open to the public or we can schedule private workshops at your school.

Our Most Popular Workshops

self care

Self-Care For Teachers

After a traumatic year, educators are experiencing record levels of anxiety and depression as they re-enter schools around the country. We are bringing together school leaders and mental health clinicians for a discussion on how to support our own mental health. In a demanding job, self-care is a critical way to stay effective in the long run.

kids sel and mindfulness

The Basics: Social-Emotional Learning & Mindfulness

In this training, we cover all the basics about SEL and mindfulness: what they are, why they matter, and how they are not just one more thing teachers should do but rather are evidence based practices that will provide countless benefits to your school and students’ lives.

asian child practicing mindful meditation

The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming more and more common in schools and classrooms around the world, but why? This workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in bringing mindfulness into their classrooms, focusing on how to incorporate mindfulness in an effective, inclusive, and fun way.

Innovative School Redesign

Our parent organization, Generation Schools Network, offers full-service professional development coaching for schools. If you're interested in elevating the education experience, connect with our partners.

Resources From Our Blog

Student New Year’s Resolutions in the Classroom

Student New Year’s Resolutions in the Classroom

According to recent research, a student’s ability to set and achieve goals is linked to higher grades, lower college-dropout rates and greater well-being in adulthood. Goal setting is also a large component of self-management, considered critical to a student’s academic and social success. So how do we set effective goals? As it turns out, there is a science to goal setting that reveals some pretty useful strategies for achieving goals. Follow these tips to set new year goals in your classroom.

Reduce Winter Break Stress for Students

Reduce Winter Break Stress for Students

Five Tips to Reduce Winter Break Anxiety Teachers are almost always excited about an upcoming vacation, but as we approach the winter break, your students may also be experience excitement and joy mixed with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. This month, we reached...

Mindful Art Activities for Kids

Mindful Art Activities for Kids

Mindful Art in the Classroom I don’t know about you, but I see a strong connection between mindfulness and art. Think about all the different types of art: drawing, painting, music, jewelry, rap, sculpting, writing. The list can go on and on.  Now think about...