Empowering Education is a premier provider of Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). We offer a comprehensive, standards aligned curriculum and professional development based on the following best practices: Teacher Led, Evidence-Based, Integration with Academic Curriculum Areas via Academic Extension Lessons and Instructional Practices, School Wide Implementation, Active Student Engagement, and Ongoing Support.

Teacher Led

The single most critical factor in the success of any SEL program is the teacher’s attitude, or buy-in. Our lessons have been designed by educators, for educators so you can spend less time planning and more time with your students.


Significant increases in students’ Persistence, Self-Control, and Social-Competence. National evidence links implementation of school-wide SEL programs to improved attitudes and behaviors, fewer negative behaviors, reduced emotional distress, and an average 11% increase in academic performance.

Empowering Minds Curriculum


Standards Aligned

Each lesson is directly aligned with Common Core Standards, Colorado Academic Standards, 21st Century Student Learning Outcomes, and CASEL’s 5 Core Competencies.

Core Content

90 lessons that blend the best of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral theory, and neuroscience. Each lesson is designed to be taught once per week in 40 minutes or less.

Academic Extensions

90 lessons designed to enhance, deepen, and reinforce the core lesson concepts throughout the academic week and school year.

Video Tutorials

Classroom footage and video walk-throughs for each lesson that allow teachers to train and review at their own pace.

Professional Development

The quality of implementation matters. We provide practical and engaging professional development for your entire staff.

School Wide Implementation

Best practices in SEL require school-wide implementation. Our programming makes this easy with differentiated lessons that can be taught in every class, every week.

Active Student Engagement

Fun, engaging, and dynamic. Rather than simply talking about words like?grit?and?empathy, our experiential lessons provide students with a direct experience of social-emotional content.

Ongoing Support

We maintain an active relationship with a dedicated site coordinator from your team to ensure effective implementation, training, and support tailored to the unique needs of your school.