Written by Charlie Merrow

June 2, 2020

Social-emotional Learning

#LearningNeverStops with Empowering Education 

We at Empowering Education know this school year has been anything but normal. From front-step learner packet deliveries to graduation signs instead of parties, the way we teach has certainly changed. Yet, around the country and the world, we rallied together to ensure that #learningneverstops

In response, we’ve radically changed the way our program is delivered & priced to meet the changing needs of teachers, administrators, and districts. 


Children need SEL techniques now more than ever as they adjust to distance learning, remote classrooms, and virtual extracurriculars.


Starting in May 2020, our comprehensive K-8 social-emotional learning curriculum is now offered completely online, for a drastically discounted price.

The novel Coronavirus forced us to learn some new skills: it taught us how to navigate online video conferencing; it pushed us to support parents in becoming at-home teachers; it required us to conduct chemistry experiments in our living room. Although school closures canceled sports teams and musical rehearsals, it added more responsibilities as teachers than we ever thought possible.

We truly appreciate the work we have seen from every teacher, social-worker, cafeteria worker, bus driver, custodian, principal, and parent dedicated to supporting social and emotional well-being. Please, take a moment and see our updated pricing page for new school-wide program rates and email us with any questions about the program.


As teachers, therapists, and education leaders, Empowering Education cares deeply about the students we work with. We’ve seen the evidence that SEL gives students skills to combat depression and stress, improves attitudes’ toward school, and increases prosocial behaviors. In these unprecedented times, children need these techniques now more than ever as they adjust to distance learning, remote classrooms, and virtual extracurriculars.




Through our work over the past year completely revamping all 90 K-8 lessons, we have never lost sight of our mission and goal of delivering high-quality SEL education for all learners. Now, it’s time to make sure every teacher and student has access to our evidence-based and trauma-informed program. for remote and virtual learning

Thank you for your time and for your efforts.

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Written by

Charlie Merrow

Charlie has over a decade of experience working in education across the world in North America, Asia, and Africa as a classroom teacher, curriculum specialist, university instructor, and educational researcher. His passion lies in promoting education equity and development through mindfulness and inclusive practices. Charlie has a MA in Special Education, is a PhD candidate studying Education Equity, a licensed special education teacher, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and a certified yoga instructor.

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