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Our professional development workshops explore different aspects of effective SEL instruction. Combining research and lessons from the field, our workshops are for educators in elementary and middle schools. Certificates of completion are available.

Upcoming Webinars

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Restorative Practices

This training defines the theory of Restorative Practice and gives you practical tools to use in the classroom. We’ll cover community-building and relationship-strengthening techniques that help teachers productively respond to conflict.

April 18, 2023,
6-7:30 PM ET

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Healthy Goodbyes and Resources for Summer

This training will give you tools to wrap up the school year in a healthy way, and well as summer resources to share with your students and families that will encourage summer learning. Attendees are eligible for CEUs for their participation.

May 9, 2023,
6-7:30 PM ET

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Remote and Hybrid Learning Options

Our PD training works both in-person and online! We offer virtual workshops that are open to the public or we can schedule private workshops at your school.


Public Workshops

Public workshops are free to attend and take place virtually via Zoom.


Private Workshop

To schedule a private workshop for your school or district, contact us.

Our Most Popular Webinars

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Trauma-Informed Teaching: Part I

With almost half the nation’s children experiencing one or more serious traumas before the age of 18, it is more important than ever that schools use trauma-informed practices. This introductory training will introduce concepts and definitions of trauma-informed teaching. 

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Mindful Movement for Youth

Mindful movement increases body awareness and self-regulation for students (and grown-ups!). Come to this interactive workshop to learn mindful movement techniques you can bring to your classroom. Be ready to move! 

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Executive Function: Needs & Supports

Participants will learn why students struggle with Executive Functioning. We will also engage in activities that you can implement with your students right away. Finally, we will explore instructional resources that help young learners develop skills and support their Executive Functioning strategies. 

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Social Media & SEL

For better or worse, social media isn’t going anywhere. Instead of discouraging social media altogether, educators can encourage mindful online connections. During this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn SEL skills that teens can apply to social media use.

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The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is becoming more and more common in schools and classrooms around the world, but why? This workshop is designed for teachers who are interested in bringing mindfulness into their classrooms, focusing on how to incorporate mindfulness in an effective, inclusive, and fun way.

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Self-Care For Teachers

After a traumatic year, educators are experiencing record levels of anxiety and depression as they re-enter schools around the country. We are bringing together school leaders and mental health clinicians for a discussion on how to support our own mental health. In a demanding job, self-care is a critical way to stay effective in the long run.

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SEL for Prevention: Substance Use

Knowledge gives you the power to protect kids from substance abuse. In this online workshop, we’ll share resources to inform and educate you so that you can advocate for kids in your community. We’ll also talk about how coping skills, good decision-making, and healthy relationships can prevent drug use in teens.

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The Basics: Social-Emotional Learning & Mindfulness

In this training, we cover all the basics about SEL and mindfulness: what they are, why they matter, and how they are not just one more thing teachers should do but rather are evidence based practices that will provide countless benefits to your school and students’ lives.

Innovative School Redesign

Our parent organization, Generation Schools Network, offers full-service professional development coaching for schools. If you're interested in elevating the education experience, connect with our partners.

Resources From Our Blog

Social Skills & Relationships

Social Skills & Relationships

All things exist in relationship. We cannot expect to understand the health of a plant, or a human, without understanding the context in which it lives, breathes and grows. In the same way, we cannot expect to implement effective educational reform without understanding the equally intricate web of relationships present in a classroom, school, and community.

Reduce Winter Break Stress for Students

Reduce Winter Break Stress for Students

Five Tips to Reduce Winter Break Anxiety Teachers are almost always excited about an upcoming vacation, but as we approach the winter break, your students may also be experience excitement and joy mixed with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. This month, we reached...

Self-Care for Kids: 6 Simple Tips for Parents or Teachers

Self-Care for Kids: 6 Simple Tips for Parents or Teachers

  The term “self-care” has gained much traction in recent years, but what does it mean for children? Self-care for kids helps children reduce stress, improve relationships, and promote wellness in their bodies and minds.   The Popularity for Self-Care for...