Thank You!?Enjoy these samples of our 6-8?curriculum…

Our approach to social & emotional learning is unique: through ongoing partnership we work with your team to design a high-quality, school-wide implementation model that meets the specific needs of your school culture.

From explicit skills instruction and teacher instructional practices to academic integration and school-wide strategies, our programming directly aligns with the best practices described by CASEL and provides resources and recommendations at every level of implementation.


My student's test scores were some of the highest in the district this year. I know that a big reason for this is the skills they are learning from Empowering Minds. We practice mindfulness every day as a class, and it makes a difference.?

Nicole S.

8th Grade Teacher, Denver Green School

6-8 Core Content Lesson Sample

Thoughts, Mindfulness, & Letting Go

Each core content lesson is designed to be taught once per week in about 30-40 minutes. These lessons provide a range of explicit skills that directly support the 5 Core Competencies described by CASEL and draw from foundations in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral theory, and neuroscience. Rather than simply talking about words like “grit” and “empathy, our lessons provide direct experiences of social & emotional skills through experiential activities. Core Content lessons feature:

  • Big Ideas: An overview of major concepts for teachers
  • Essential Vocabulary, Materials, and Preparation
  • Fully scripted lessons*
  • “I do, We do, You do” experiential structure to promote active student engagement
  • Teaching Notes to facilitate effective instructional practices
  • Reflection and Journaling prompts
  • Classroom & School-wide Recommendations to integrate concepts and practices throughout the school day, week, and year.
  • Handouts & Worksheets (where applicable)
  • References

*Each lesson is scripted using effective teacher language to convey these sometimes unfamiliar topics. Ideally, however, teachers will integrate their own style and wording rather than become overly reliant on the scripted lesson.

Please refer to our Scope & Sequence document for a full list of topics.

6-8 Academic Extension Sample

Thoughts, Mindfulness, & Letting Go

Each core content lesson is accompanied by an academic extensions lesson designed to enhance, deepen, and reinforce the core lesson concepts throughout the week and school year. We have done the work for you in locating and assembling complementary lesson resources. Each academic extension lesson includes:

  • Big Ideas: An overview of major concepts for teachers
  • Student Resources: Lists of Literature Texts, Informational Texts, and Learning Links that complement the theme of each lesson.
  • Writing Tasks: Informative/Explanatory, Opinion, and Narrative writing prompts that complement the theme of each lesson
  • Writing Rubrics & Self-Assessment Checklists
  • Teacher Resources: Online and print resources for further learning
  • Standards Alignment: A full alignment to Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts, Colorado Academic Standards, and P21 Partnership for 21st Century Student Learning Outcomes:
  • References

6-8?Teaching Companion Video

Thoughts, Mindfulness and Letting Go

Each core content lesson is also accompanied by a companion video. These videos feature real classroom footage of the lessons in-action, teaching tips, and further subject knowledge. Using the companion videos, teachers can receive ongoing training and support throughout the school year.

Scope and Sequence