Sample the Program: K-2

When it comes to Social & Emotional Learning, finding a great curriculum is just the beginning…

  • Explicit?skills instruction
  • Teacher instructional practices
  • Integration with academic curriculum
  • School organization, culture, and climate strategies.
Blending the best of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral theory, and neuroscience, each of our differentiated lessons includes:
  1. Core Content Lesson: Experiential, engaging, and teacher friendly. Each lesson also includes recommendations for how to integrate the concept into your classroom and school culture.
  2. Academic Extensions: More than just supplementary material, each extension lesson includes a fully-vetted list of literature, resources and links for further learning, and writing prompts aligned with ELA Common Core Standards, Colorado Academic Standards, 21st Century Student Learning Outcomes, and CASEL?s 5 Core Competencies.
  3. Video Walk-Throughs:?Our high-quality companion videos for each lesson use actual classroom footage to show you the lesson plan in action. These videos offer narrations and graphics to support ongoing training at your own pace.

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