We Joined Generation Schools Network

Written by Noah Teitelbaum

June 29, 2021


We've Got Big News! 

We are happy to announce that Empowering Education is merging with Generation Schools Network, a fellow education non-profit that has 15 years of experience supporting schools across the country. If you’re already an Empowering Education member, you’ll still get to use the Empowering Minds SEL Program and now you’ll also be able to access more and deeper ways to support your students!

“We are thrilled to incorporate Empowering Education’s SEL program and their key staff members into the fold at Generation Schools Network. This acquisition will greatly increase our offerings programmatically and our capacity to reach more schools.”


- Generation Schools Network CEO, Wendy Loloff Cooper


Like Wendy said above, we’re thrilled about what’s ahead for our organization and for you!

Who is GSN?

Generation Schools Network (GSN) improves schools across the country, focusing on low-income and high-need students. The GSN team of experienced school and district leaders works alongside district and school staff on transformations around a broad array of evidence-based innovation, redesign, and implementation projects. Supports are focused on four areas:

  1. Leadership & Improvement
  2. Health & Wellness
  3. College & Career Readiness
  4. Redesign & Innovation

If you're interested in getting more information from GSN about SEL implementation, sign up for new below.  

Why Now?

The merger is especially timely for teachers as they prepare to support students after COVID.  Recently, experts declared youth mental health a 'state of emergency’ in Colorado. National headlines have echoed similar messages, with Reuters stating “U.S. schools turn focus to the mental health of students reeling from pandemic”.

Schools and districts are in a unique position with federal ESSER resources over the next two years to establish an evidence-based approach to healthy school cultures.


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Empowering Education has been laser-focused on making an SEL program that will be effective, easy to use, and fun. By merging with Generation Schools Network, we now can integrate a school's SEL efforts into a deeper multi-year transformation. With this merger, our schools can combine SEL with college and career readiness, health programming, transformational leadership, and more - this is really a game-changer for our members.

You’re still going to be able to access your Empowering Minds program. Next year, look forward to more lessons, more training events, and more opportunities to take your school’s transformation to the next level.

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Written by

Noah Teitelbaum

Noah started his 20 years in education with 5th graders in Harlem and then went on to teach in other schools serving low-income students in the NYC area. He knows firsthand the need for tools for teaching SEL and Mindfulness. Noah has also been an instructional coach, an author of teaching handbooks and curricula, a consultant to some of the most innovative schools in the country, and a business manager and product innovator for a national test-prep business. He’s earned his Masters in Education, and an MBA, and has done significant course work in Instructional Leadership.

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