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SEL and Racial Equity

SEL teaches children the lessons they need to understand and practice racial equity. Social emotional learning starts with bringing an end to racism and injustice. But how do we have these tough conversations with young people? 


Funding Sources for SEL

You’re a school administrator, you’re already stretched thin. You may want to implement social-emotional learning, but you don’t have the money! Here are some creative ways you can fund your SEL program.


Benefits of Mindfulness for Children

What is mindfulness? And how can practicing mindfulness benefit areas of a child’s life such as in the classroom or socializing with friends? Check out the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the classroom for more details.


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Trauma Informed Teaching Part 1 of 4: Defining Trauma

Trauma Informed Teaching Part 1 of 4: Defining Trauma

Despite the prevalence of trauma, it is a term (along with mindfulness) that is frequently misused or misunderstood in both therapeutic and educational sectors. A deeper exploration of these terms reveals why trauma is one of the most costly and deadly public health concern our society is facing; and how mindfulness is one of the most viable solutions we have.

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