Empowering Education enables learning by contributing to the social & emotional wellness of students, families, and educators.


Foster a sense of empowerment in the 21st Century student that drives them to seek  healthy, positive relationships with their friends, family, and in their community,  ultimately resulting in positive contributions to society as a whole.


To provide Social & Emotional Learning services to schools in order to help create a well-rounded, emotionally confident student.

Though our services have changed significantly over the years, our mission, vision, and objective have remained constant. Our goal is simple: to provide high-quality, universal social-emotional learning to as many students, teachers, and families as possible.

Core Beliefs:

  • Social & Emotional learning is as critical to a child’s education as reading, writing, mathematics, science and the arts.
  • Every child deserves a high-quality social-emotional education.
  • Every teacher with a sincere, positive intention is capable of teaching and modeling SEL.
  • Classroom teachers are the most effective source for teaching SEL.
  • Effective SEL is a school-wide effort and is inherent in every personal interaction in the building.
  • SEL curriculums and trainings should be affordable and accessible to all.
  • Success is achieved through effective partnerships between schools, families and community partners.

Vision Statements:

We believe there is a lot of power in sharing our goals and visions. This enables transparency, accountability, and motivation. We want you to know who you are working with. Here are our long term goals written in present tense to reflect where we hope to be as an organization and as an educational community:

  • Social-Emotional Learning has been adopted nationwide and is a requirement for all students.
  • Empowering Education is an active leader in the SEL community and has made significant contributions to the policy, advocacy, and science of SEL.
  • Empowering Education’s curriculum has been approved by CASEL as an evidence-based curriculum.
  • Empowering Education provides high quality online training and support to any school implementing our curriculum.
  • Teachers completing our online course receive continuing education credits and access to an online community of educators dedicated to SEL.
  • Empowering Education provides a full library of videos and resources for teachers, students and parents.
  • We feel proud, stable, and sustainable as an organization and our work continues to align with our core values.
  • Our services and products continue to be distributed in equitable ways that align with our mission to provide all students with access to high-quality SEL.