Service Learning

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Learning Goal

Students will begin this unit by exploring the concept of engaged citizenship. They will then be introduced to the idea of service learning. They will develop a service learning project that is framed by the question “Where do my interests, talents, and a community need meet?” In small groups, they will create detailed action plans for their project, which they will then implement.

Learning Objectives
  • Lesson 1: Daring to Care
  • Lesson 2: What is Service Learning?
  • Lesson 3: Making a Difference
  • Lesson 4: Developing an Action Plan
  • Lesson 5: Final Planning
  • Project: Reflection and Demonstration
Learning Summary

Lesson 1: Daring to Care
Students will explore the concept of engaged citizenship, including what it means, why it matters, and the benefits it provides for self and community.

Lesson 2: What is Service Learning?
Students will learn the definition of service learning. They will reflect on their current level of agreement with the statement, “Young people are contributors who can bring valuable assets to their families, schools, and communities”.

Lesson 3: Making a Difference
Students will explore the website (a youth-led movement for good) and will use it as a jumping-off point to form groups and decide on their service learning project idea.

Lesson 4: Developing an Action Plan
Students will work within their small groups to develop their project idea. They will map out a step-by-step process that includes a timeline and roles.

Lesson 5: Final Planning
Students will use this class period as project work time. Each group will self-direct their own activities based on the needs of their project.

Project: Reflection and Demonstration
Students will write a reflective essay about their service learning projects. Each group will create a short video showcasing their project.

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